Saturday, September 02, 2006

Why I like the BBC

The BBC site has live coverage (more of a list of frequent updates) of most sporting events - football, tennis, cricket. It has been the source at office to keep abreast of the scores. Not just because we can't access the sites like cricinfo, rediff cricket etc from office since they have been blocked, it's also because it's fun.

Snippets from the site reporting on the happenings during the second ODI between England and Pakistan being played at Lord's.

1143: Here come the umps. Interesting decision from upstairs - the game has been shortened. By two overs. That's right - it's now 49 overs per side. No way we could have squeezed in an extra 12 balls, old boy - simply impossible. Why, it would have taken a good six minutes.

Someone in a position of influence has been reading these updates - they've now cut the overs per side to 46. Good work, bigwigs.

2nd over: The ball is moving around like a ping-pong ball in a gale. Mohammad Asif has Ian Bell and Trescothick edging into their pads, and the only runs come from hurried singles.

1207: A heavy shower, this one. Every brolly in the house is up. The forecast isn't great for the next few hours either, but we'll keep everything crossed. Except eyes. Otherwise I'll end up typing phrases like this: jdd odfofere, dhepvpbt eiwza.

1235: Still raining. If you've got any urgent odd-jobs to do - de-scaling the kettle, cutting back your toe-nails, phoning your aunt to thank her for the card she sent on your birthday - now might be a good time to get cracking.

1245: Two of the six covers are off! Aunt Veronica will have to wait - we're suddenly looking at a re-start in about 15 minutes time.

8th over: WICKET Trescothick c Younis b Asif 6
It was only a matter of time, and not very much time at that - Trescothick drives wildly at Asif and edges straight to second slip. His feet finally move, but only to take him back to the pavillion.

The blokes there have a wry sense of humour.


anand said...

The comments are really fun to read! It was only a matter of time before the websites too started differentiating through their commentary! Now I know I'll be on BBC sport to track cricket and more!

Kenneth said...

More cricket stuff from BBC - vivid!

10th over: Lewis, like a pesky horsefly, will really be getting on Pakistan's nerves now. Afridi loses his rag and launches into an injudicious shot, but Rikki Clarke, on as a sub for Joyce, shells a lollipop running in from third man. Another fine, nagging over from Lewis. 41-2

11th over: WICKET - Pakistan 41-3 (Afridi lbw b Mahmood 23)
Clarke's blushes are spared as Mahmood accounts for Afridi, who appears just to miss a straight one. Inzamam strolls out with the air of a man about to take strike against his six-year-old nephew on Blackpool beach. This boy just doesn't do stress. Mahmood gets the Pakistan skipper fencing at one first up. 42-3

13th over: Mahmood gives Inzamam a fright, getting one to rise alarmingly. Inzamam wafts his bat in front of his face like someone staving off a drunken attack in a kebab shop. Maiden over from Mahmood, who's slipped nicely into a groove today. 44-3

17th over: Inzamam steers a square-drive away for four. Imperious. Mahmood then strays on to Inzy's legs and is swatted away for another boundary. Like an old uncle who has been shifting around in his favourite armchair for a few minutes trying to get comfortable, Inzamam has finally settled at the crease now and carves Mahmood away for a third four. A welcome release for Pakistan as players take drinks. 62-3