Friday, October 13, 2006


This one's for my girl.

Color me any color.
Speak to me in tongues and share.
Tell me how you'd love to hate me.
Tell me how you'd love to care.
Well I just want to shake us up.

Lets mingle
And make it well.
Come together now.
Yeah lets gel.

Clothe me in any fashion.
Glitter to so mundane.
Tell me how you'd love to change me.
Tell me I can stay the same.
I just want to shake us up.

Well lets bungle
And live to tell
How we came together.
Yeah how we gelled.

Collective Soul - 7even Year Itch

Highly recommended album. The best of Collective Soul - Shine, December, The World I know, Gel - all in one lovely cd. Yeah, I still buy audio cds. I have never managed to like or get myself to like mp3- in spite of the pull of sound economics - 100+ songs on a 20 rupee disc. I have tried but all my mp3 cds lie dusty and unused. There is something about getting the originals - the recording quality, the album art, the song listing on the back, the easy browsing between songs. I am not talking mobile listening - the ipod scores over the discman humungously. When at home I like my music on cds. It's funny but I dont feel the same way about books or dvds. Cheap and pirated ones cheer me up any day. I don't get the same pangs of guilt when I pick up Lost or Friends DVDs from the street for a meagre sum. I paid as much for my Collective Soul album as I paid for all the seasons of Lost on DVDs. If you ask me, I think it was a fair deal.


Anonymous said...

"Tell me how you'd love to change me" ... ;-D amnesia is it?

well btw that was a nice attempt at explaining why you spend 700 bucks when jut 20 bucks would fetch you more!!!

anand said...

Wonder why someone would leave 'anonymous' comments!!! Considering that the person is upset over your spending habits, I would imagine it is someone who not only dislikes it but is affected by it!!! ;-)

On a more serious note!! I feel stronger about buying movie DVDs and books than about music!!! I have never felt any inconvenience with my mp3 discs and absolutely love them!! ;-) But I can't get myself to buy pirated DVDs or cheap books!

Kenneth said...

anand : Pirated books I am not a great fan of (anyways the most popular pirated books on the street are by books of Sidney Sheldon & J K Rowling and then there is The Alchemist, 7 Habits of Successful People, of Families and Neighbours and the World, the books on Cheese and Thieves and etc - Sheldon I am done with for this lifetime. I don't see myself paying 400 to 800 bucks for an original Potter book. I am not a lover of the kind of books the rest are). I would rather get second hand books and you would be surprised by the kind of books I have managed to pick up from the friendly neighbour hood raddiwala. Of course I would love to get new ones but if I need to compromise and choose then the money is on the cds not books.

anon : The amp and speakers think it beneath their dignity to handle mp3 cds. Have to keep them happy don't I :-)

Nigel said...

"This one's for my girl."
..where did u come up with that? can i borrow it in the future?