Monday, May 14, 2007

Remembering Baba

I searched the net for the lyrics of Baba Sehgal's Thanda Thanda Paani. The search coughed up many many links for mp3 downloads, but I could discern no sites that would have the lyrics. The song is mentioned in many blogs though - testament to the many Baba Sehgal lovers out there. Yes, we are not alone! I also dare to think there will be a pattern to it - most of the Baba fans would have been born in the late 70s or the early 80s - making them between 10 to 18 years of age when Baba burst on the scene with Dil Dhadke (Pooja Bedi - If you though she was hot in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar you haven't seen her in Baba's video) and Thanda Thanda Paani. I don't think people any younger or older than 10 and 18 resp in the early 90s would have been in the right frame of mind to like / appreciate his songs. The adoloscent psyche - always wanting something new and different, something that doesn't follow the rules, something unique. They got it in Baba' songs which were Wacky but Witty, Boorish but Brilliant.

I used to impress my friends with my rendition of Thanda Thanda Paani - I knew the lyrics by heart. I remember feeling so smug about it. During the tape recorder and pre-Google days, finding out the lyrics was either very tedious and time consuming (play-strain ears-rewind-play-make assumptions) or very expensive (Archies used to sell Lyrics books! The best Love songs compilation, The best Rock songs, whatever). I didn't get much pocket money so it was no mean achievement that I could sing quite a few of Baba's songs. [I don't mean to brag but I also knew Snow and MC Shan's Informer word for word - Inforrrmer, you no say blah blah blah a licky boom boom down!].

This is what I remember of the Thanda Thanda Paani song lyrics. I am going to search for the cassette today and hope that I find it and hope even more that it still plays. I have a feeling that I have missed out a few lines - a refresh would do no harm - in fact I think it will be refreshing!

Thanda Thanda Paani (Baba Sehgal) (1992)

Mai five star hotel pehli baar gaya Maine dekha paani se bhara swimming pool Aaya manager Bola baithiye please sir sir sir aap ki seva mai main haazir hu kuch farmaaiye boliye kya aap ko chahiye?

Thanda Thanda Paani
Thanda Thanda Paani

Mere saron mei tha dard Haan bhukar one oh one Mujhe khani thi one goli Maine bola you are very jolly manager Kuch uncha sunthe hain aap Maine maanga nahi khana tandoori Mujhe lagte ho languri Sorry sir Main naya hoon employee Mujhe naukri na bhayee Phir bhi karoonga boliye boliye Kya aap ko chahiye

Thanda Thanda Paani
Thanda Thanda Paani

Waiter bhi aaya Aur cold drink laya Mera sar chakraya Mein bola Bhaya kya laya aur chilya Call the president Staff ghabraya jab president aaya Mera man machala Dekha soni kudi laal sariwali aage khadi hai madam

Boliye aap ne kyon bulwaya mujhe Kya problem hai sir Kuch nahi kuch nahi Yeh to chalta rehta hai bus yun hi Nahi nahi sir Hum hotel ki taraf se aapse maafi maangte hain Confession bhi karte hain Kya aap ko chahiye

Thanda Thanda Paani
Thanda Thanda Paani

Paani maine piya aur bola shukriya Madam ne bhi kaha aate rahiyega Hamari is bhool ko bhool jaayega Tab tata maine kiya aur Wada bhi kiya Phir nikla hotel se Thinking madam madam Thinking madam madam

Dhyaan mujhe aaya ki maine poocha nahi naam Maine chi chi chi chi poocha nahi naam Arey bhool gaya main kyon Bhool gaya main kyon Maine ek ladki ka naam nahi poocha ra ra ra riba bari riba bari baa

Dubara gaya hotel seedhe madam ka president room aur chilaya Madam aapka naam kya hai Madam ne bhi dekha mere maathe ka pasina Boli naam bhi bataongi pehle kuch lenge aap

Thanda Thanda Paani
Thanda Thanda Paani

Yo man let's get out of here. Word to your mother.


Prabhakar said...

Spot on man!!! too good.

AaaDee !! said...

good one ! i have just by - hearted few of the lines, can use it some other time to eat someone's head !

Anand said...

do you have the lyrics for 'manjula' !!! baba absolutely rocks man !! in fact, he also sang the hindi version of 'rukmani rukmani' in roja!! Baba - aap ho music industry ka asli punjabhi dhaba!! ;-)

yesbob said...

yo man !! i was humming the very same song all by myself last week ...

bus no.42 said...

Baba Sehgal rocked my preteen days! I clearly remember when Baba was kinda new into the pop scene, everyone was talking about, my parents too! We all have heard of Apache Indian, but what the heck is this thing hindi rap, eh? Baba said in an interview he started a new revolution and will leave others behind and on the other side many music directors/singers critised Baba's form of music, some singer(maybe udit narayan)claimed on TV "aise music zyada din nahi chalega" hehe!! Well, whatever good things dont last long maybe! Btw, here is Dil Dhadke for download :-

bus no.42 said...

here is the complete link

Sanjay said...

Informer! haha! That song was really something. Occupied a few months of my life. Thanks for the memories.